High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes
New Elditest High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes
October 28, 2015, Yorba Linda, CA--Today Cal Test Electronics introduced a new line of Elditest brand High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes. The line includes the following models:

The Elditest High Voltage Probes

The new Elditest probes are high voltage divider probes for use with both digital and analog oscilloscopes.

Five Probes to Choose From

Photo Product Description List Price
CT4024: 8 kV Oscilloscope Probe

Model CT4024

The Elditest CT4024 features a max input voltage of 8 kV and a 40 MHz bandwidth.

CT2982B: 10 kV Oscilloscope Probe

Model CT2982B

The Elditest CT2982B features a max input voltage of 10 kV with a 40 MHz bandwidth.

CT4025: 10 kV Oscilloscope Probe

Model CT4025

The Elditest CT4025 features a max input voltage of 10 kV and a 120 MHz bandwidth.

CT4026: 18 kV Oscilloscope Probe

Model CT4026

The Elditest CT4026 features a max input voltage of 18 kV and a 150 MHz bandwidth.

CT4028: 39 kV Oscilloscope Probe

Model CT4028

The Elditest CT4028 features a max input voltage of 39 kV and a 220 MHz bandwidth.



High Resolutions Images

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