High Voltage Differential Probes

Thursday, 14 April 2016

High Voltage Differential Probes
New Elditest High Voltage Differential Probes
April 14, 2016, Yorba Linda, CA-- Cal Test Electronics introduces a new line of High Voltage Differential Probes. The series is marketed under the Cal Test Electronics licensed brand of Elditest, which is time-honored name in both North America and the European Union.
The line includes the following models:
The Elditest High Voltage Differential Probes make safe, accurate measurements between two voltage points where neither point is referenced to ground. The probes offer input voltage of ±800 V, ±7.5 kV, or ±15 kV for both differential and common mode voltage, depending on the probe chosen. Compatible with oscilloscopes from all major manufacturers, the probes are ideal where high sensitivity and dynamic range is needed.

Probe features:

  • Meets IEC 61010-031 safety standard
  • Two attenuation settings
  • A compact, safety yellow housing
  • Excellent CMRR
  • Power and over-range indicators

Applications for these differential probes include:

  • Precise power semiconductor device measurements
  • Switching power supply design
  • Measurement of power converters
  • Precise measurement of motor drives

Each kit comes with:

  • Differential probe
  • (2) Pincer clips, black & red
  • (2) Alligator clips, black & red
  • (2) Banana plug leads, black & red
  • Insulated BNC cable
  • Power adapter
  • User manual
Select either product modifier: EU for European style power adapter (CT3957-EU) or NA for North American style power adapter (CT3957-NA).
Three Probes to Choose From
Part Number CT4068 CT4076 CT4079
Product Description
  • Max input voltage of
    ±800 V
  • 35 MHz bandwidth
  • Attenuation settings of 10x/100x
  • Max input voltage of
    ±7.5 kV
  • 35 MHz bandwidth
  • Attenuation settings of 100x/1000x
  • Max input voltage of
    ±15 kV
  • 50 MHz bandwidth
  • Attenuation settings of 200x/2000x
List Price $380.00 $725.00 $965.00
Photo CT4068: 35 MHz / 800 V Probe CT4076: 7.5 kV Oscilloscope Probe CT4079: 15 kV Oscilloscope Probe

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