CT4098 BNC Male-to-Male Cable Assemblies

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

CT4098 BNC Male-to-Male Cable Assemblies
CT4098 BNC Male-to-Male Cable Assemblies
June 19, 2018--Cal Test Electronics is adding to its line of test bench coaxial cable assemblies.

CT4098 is a new BNC male to BNC male assembly featuring RG223/U coaxial cable. The 50 Ω RG223/U has improved shielding and lower insertion loss over standard RG58. The assemblies are constructed with Cal Test's high quality bend-relief boots, which are molded directly to the cable and connectors, providing a clean look and long service life.
This model is available in six (6) standard lengths:

Model Number Length cm (in) MSRP


25 cm (10")



50 cm (20")



100 cm (40")



120 cm (48")



150 cm (60")



200 cm (80")


If you are seeking improved RF performance from your BNC cables, use Cal Test's new CT4098 BNC male-to-male cable assemblies.

For general purpose testing, look to Cal Test's CT2942, RG58C/U BNC male-to-male cable assemblies which use the same high quality construction.

High Resolutions Images
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Product Drawing/Datasheet
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