CT4071: Active Differential Probe 50 MHz 100x/200X/500x/1000X, ±350 V/±700 V/±1750 V/±3500 V

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Cal Test Electronics CT4071 50 MHz Differential Probe Photo Cal Test Electronics CT4071 50 MHz Differential Probe Photo

The CT4071 differential probe allows safe, accurate measurement between two voltage points where neither point is referenced to ground. The probe offers both a 50 MHz bandwidth for the 200x, 500x, and 1000x attenuation settings and a 25 MHz bandwidth for the 100x attenuation setting. Compatible with oscilloscopes from all major manufacturers, the probe is exclusively powered by the included 9 V power adapter.


  • Meets IEC 61010-031 safety standard
  • Selectable attenuation settings of 10x/100x
  • 50 MHz bandwidth (at 200x/500x/1000x attenuation settings)
  • 25 MHz bandwidth (at 100x attenuation setting)
  • Up to ±3500 V differential
  • High accuracy (±2%)
  • Power and over range indicator LEDs

Comes with:

  • (2) High voltage hook probes, black & red
  • (2) Alligator Clips, black & red
  • (2) Sheathed 4 mm banana plug test leads, silicone jacketed, black & red
  • Insulated BNC cable, 100 cm
  • 9 V Power adapter included (CT3957)

Electrical Characteristics
Bandwidth (-3dB)

50 MHz for 200x/500x/1000x

25 MHz for 100x

Rise Time (probe only)

7 ns for 200x/500x/1000x

18 ns for 100x

Attenuation ratio 100x/200x/500x/1000x
Accuracy ±2%
Input Voltage:  
Differential Input Voltage (DC + AC peak) @ 100x ±350 V
Differential Input Voltage (DC + AC peak) @ 200x ±700 V 
Differential Input Voltage (DC + AC peak) @ 500x ±1750 V
Differential Input Voltage (DC + AC peak) @ 1000x ±3500 V 
Absolute Maximum Rated Input Voltage (each side to ground) 2500 Vrms
Input Impedance 54 MΩ // 1.2 pF 
Input Impedance (each side to ground)  27 MΩ // 2.3 pF
Output Voltage:  
Swing ±8 V (driving 1 MΩ oscilloscope input)
Offset (typical) ±5 mV
Noise (typical) 2 mVrms
Source Impedance (Typ.) 50 Ω
Safety Specifications IEC 61010-031 CAT II
Mechanical Characteristics
Weight 280 g
Dimensions 240 x 80 x 30 mm
BNC Cable Length 100 cm
Input Leads Length 55 cm
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temp/Humidity 0°C to 50°C / Up to 85% RH
Storage Temp/Humidity -30°C to 70°C / Up to 90% RH
Pollution Degree Pollution Degree 2
Model # MSRP (ea.) Where to Buy
CT4071 $450.00