CT3203: Individual, Fully Insulated 4 mm Banana Plug, DIY Fixed Sheathed, Right-Angle, Solder and Solderless Versions

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Individual, fully insulated 4 mm Do-it-Yourself (DIY) fixed sheathed right-angle banana plug allows you to build your own test leads that meet the latest safety standards. Both solder and solderless versions with easy snap together assembly.

CT3203-# - Solderless version

  • Set screw connection
    Requires 1.5 mm allen wrench for assembly, CT2919

CT3203-S-# - Solder version

  • Quick solder assembly


  • IEC Voltage rating - 1000 V CAT III (*when using equally rated lead wire)
  • Insulated tip on plug
  • Three (3) piece assembly
  • Available in 6 colors

IEC Rating *1,000 V CAT III
Current Max 20 A
Temperature -20° to +80°C
RoHS 2 Compliant

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Model # Color MSRP (ea.) Where to Buy
CT3203-0 Black $2.30
CT3203-S-0 Black $2.10
CT3203-2 Red $2.30
CT3203-S-2 Red $2.10
CT3203-4 Yellow $2.30
CT3203-S-4 Yellow $2.10
CT3203-5 Green $2.30
CT3203-S-5 Green $2.10
CT3203-6 Blue $2.30
CT3203-S-6 Blue $2.10
CT3203-9 White $2.30
CT3203-S-9 White $2.10