CT3201: Individual, Fully Insulated 4 mm Banana Plug, DIY Retractable, Sleeve, In-line, Solder and Solderless Versions

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Individual, fully insulated 4 mm Do-it-Yourself (DIY) retractable sleeve banana plug allows you to build your own test leads that meet the latest international safety standards. Retractable sleeve offers usability with standard banana jacks while improving protection over unprotected plugs. Both solder and solderless versions with easy snap together assembly.

CT3201-# - Solderless version

  • Dual set screw connection
    Requires 1.5 mm allen wrench for assembly, CT2919

CT3201-S-# - Solder version

  • Quick solder assembly


  • IEC Voltage rating - 600 V CAT II (*when using equally rated test lead wire)
  • Insulated tip on plug
  • Five (5) piece assembly
  • Available in 6 colors

IEC Rating *600 V CAT II
Current Max 36 A
Temperature -20° to +80°C
RoHS 2 Compliant

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Model # Color MSRP (ea.) Where to Buy
CT3201-0 Black $4.20
CT3201-S-0 Black $4.10
CT3201-2 Red $4.20
CT3201-S-2 Red $4.10
CT3201-4 Yellow $4.20
CT3201-S-4 Yellow $4.10
CT3201-5 Green $4.20
CT3201-S-5 Green $4.10
CT3201-6 Blue $4.20
CT3201-S-6 Blue $4.10
CT3201-9 White $4.20
CT3201-S-9 White $4.10